Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers restores volume and are to balance and proportion the face. Fillers vary in density (thickness), which determines the area they can be used in and what they’re designed for, whether that is to provide lift or contouring, create symmetry, fill in lines or deep folds, or enhance a particular feature. 


Why we use longer lasting premium quality products (Juvéderm® Vycross and Teoxane premium range):

 - A smoother gel, allowing for a more comfortable treatment

 - Less bruising and swelling in the days after treatment 

 - Reduced discomfort from the Lidocaine added to the formulation

 - Very subtle and natural outcomes due to the smoothness of the gel and being able to inject it with more precision 

 - Better results because it’s easier to shape and mould once injected

 - Longer-lasting due to its unique makeup of high and low molecular weight HA

 - Patients can end up paying less for premuim treatments due to their longevity

Cheek Mid-Face Augmentation 

To enhance and replace volume. This treatment can also be effective at reducing the lines around the eye area, the nasolabial folds, the marionette and the jowl region

 - Premium range - 1ml £275

 - Additional 1ml on the day £250 - (1 - 2 mls maybe required depending on the desired outcome)


Lower Face

 - Premium range - 1ml £250

 - Additional 1ml on the day £220

**Please note we only carry out dermal filler treatments 10 days before the client

goes on holiday or is away

**Please note the Covid Vaccine - best practice is do not undergo soft tissue filler

procedures within 2 weeks of your planned vaccination date or within 3 weeks having

received it