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Spot light on - Vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 is important for red blood cell formation, brain function, DNA synthesis, energy production and nerve cell health. Those eating a vegan or vegetarian diet, people with low stomach acid or other digestive conditions leading to malabsorption, may benefit from B12 supplementation. 


Which route is better - Oral or Injections? Why we now only offer oral/liposomal routes.  


Since vitamin B12 requires both stomach acid and intrinsic factor to be absorbed, there is a common misconception that intramuscular injections which bypass the need for both of these are superior. 


Both vitamin B12 oral and injections are effective ways to boost and consolidate the amount of B12 in the body. Neither is more effective (read here) than the other, and both demonstrate similar results when tested. The only difference appears to be how rapidly restoration of B12 levels takes place — so when it comes to which is better, it all depends on the severity and context of the deficiency. 


For some interesting reading and evidence see vitamin-b12-supplements-intramuscular-injections-effective


Here Vitamin B12 is now only available in a sublingual or liposomal (which has higher absorption and more suitable route especially if there are digestion issues) or capsule form, as methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin. It is also cheaper and you can take daily it giving greater efficacy. If you’d like to know the differences and what is appropriate for you, as they are very different, please contact us we’d be happy to guide you. 


Due to our demanding environment and lifestyles we may need extra support to create harmony and homeostasis in the body. As a practitioner registered with Professional Supplements Specialists, we aim to bring our bodies back into balance.

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*Products are for supplementation purposes only and not to treat medical conditions, we make no medical claims to the uses of products.


A full functional health consult is required to investigate hormones, immune, energy, digestion, gut microbiome, detoxication, nervous system and cell structure to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.